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DHUFT Business Writing (Evidencing Professional Learning 3) | HCPD7013 | Level 7 | Credits 20 | 2022/23
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DHUFT Business Writing (Evidencing Professional Learning 3) | HCPD7013 | Level 7 | Credits 20 | 2022/23
06/09/2022 | Intake Cancelled | Intake Closed
06/09/2022, 07/09/2022, 05/10/2022
01/02/2023 | Closing date: 06/01/23 | Available
01/02/2023, 02/02/2023, 01/03/2023
26/06/2023 | Closing date: 29/05/23 | Available
26/06/2023, 27/06/2023, 31/07/2023


This course aims to help individuals write compelling business cases with a focus on promoting innovation in practice. It is designed for staff at band 5, and above, who produce reports, proposals and other written communication. Fundamental skills in business and report writing will therefore be taught in this three-day course, to ensure innovative ideas are equally well written and presented. As a result, staff will be able to tailor their approach to better match the situational context, and use the competencies acquired in a variety of written communications. 

Additional aims include: 

  • To communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively in writing to influence and persuade others. 
  • To contribute to the development of an environment of creativity and innovation. 
  • To strengthen written communication, focusing on enhancing report and business writing capability. 
  • To be able to adapt the skills taught to various written genres. 

Indicative Course Content: 

  • How to inspire, engage and persuade through report writing skills 
  • Producing effective business proposals and plans. 
  • Designing and presenting information for maximum impact. 
  • Apply written language skills which influence and motivate. 
  • Understand the importance of good sentence and paragraph construction. 
  • Getting to the point and being succinct without sacrificing clarity. 
  • Review important skills relating to grammar and composition. 
  • To structure information for easy reading. 
  • Recognise the opportunities to innovate, champion new ideas and gain organisational buy-in. 
  • To incorporate professional research techniques where appropriate. 

This version of the course is for DHUFT employees only. If you are not a DHUFT employee but wish to complete Business Writing (Evidencing Professional Learning 3) please click here.

Attendance is required on all 3 dates. Please note, that Bournemouth University applications for this course must be completed and submitted 4 weeks before the course start date. Please keep this in mind when booking your place. 


Normally students may enter Level 7 (Master's level) study if they have been awarded:

  • Undergraduate degree (honours or non-honours)
  • An equivalent qualification (the learning outcome of which are demonstrably appropriate in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills) equivalent to 120 credits at Level 6.

If you do not meet this criteria you are still able to apply for this unit but we may ask you to complete a study skills handbook to familiarise yourself with academic writing at masters level or pre-admission work. This will be sent to you when we have received your application form.

This unit is also available at Level 6 (degree level).

Fees and funding:

You will need employer support of payment for the course.

Applicants should contact their employing organisation for further details.


Following the three-day course the participants will gain academic credit through Bournemouth University by writing a reflective assignment (3,000 words) critically evaluating and analysing the new knowledge gained and the impact on practice. 

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Course Leader
Name: Orlanda Harvey & Jane Holroyd
Name: HSS-CPD Admissions


Mode of Delivery
The programme is delivered over two days of virtual participative lectures, peer learning, individual and group-based exercises. The third day comprises an individual dedicated coaching session exploring and reviewing the application of business writing.
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