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ECG Interpretation Workshop | NCB-ECG | Level n/a | 2023/24
Health & Social Sciences
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ECG Interpretation Workshop | NCB-ECG | Level n/a | 2023/24
07/12/2023 | Pre booked spaces only | Application closing date 16/11/2023 | Intake Closed
18/04/2024 | Pre booked spaces only | Application closing date 07/03/2024 | Intake Closed
19/06/2024 | Pre booked spaces only | Application closing date 22/05/2024 | Intake Closed


This comprehensive course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in the field of electrocardiography (ECG). It is intended to provide participants with a deeper understanding of ECG abnormalities, their interpretation and their implications for patient care. By the end of this course, participants will be better equipped to understand pathophysiological mechanisms, anticipate possible escalations, and deliver safer patient care. This course is not accredited. 

The content of the course:

  • Essential Anatomy and physiology
  • ECG principles and settings
  • Leads placement, sinus rhythm & cardiac axis
  • Atrial, ventricular & conduction abnormalities
  • Cardiac ischaemia
  • Systematic approach to rhythm recognition
  • Clinical case studies and practice

The purpose of the course:

  • Enhance knowledge and skills
  • Understand and interpret electrocardiographic abnormalities
  • Understand possible pathophysiological mechanisms
  • Understand possible escalations
  • Deliver safer patients’ care and education

The objectives of the course:

  • Understand key anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • Perform 12 leads ECG using national standards
  • Apply a systematic approach for rhythm recognition
  • Understand cardiac axis and its importance
  • Understand atrial, ventricular and atrio-ventricular rhythm abnormalities
  • Understand myocardial infraction signs on ECG

The course is divided in theory (9:00-12:30) and practice run in Immersive Reality Suite (13:00-17:00). Lunch not provided. 

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for registered healthcare professionals of the multi-disciplinary team who do not work in cardiac specialist area. Clinical areas which might find this course beneficial would include: Acute general/specialist wards, GP practices, community services, Intensive Care, Emergency Department, Education, etc. 

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not suitable for highly specialised healthcare professionals who seek to improve their diagnostic process (e.g. Catheterization laboratory staff).

Lansdowne Campus, Bournemouth
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Course Leader
Name: Enrico Sgroi and Fiona Budden
Tel: 01202 962333
Name: HSS Post Reg Admissions


Mode of Delivery
Face to Face (9am-5pm)
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