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Advances in General Practice Nursing | NURS-1551 | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
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January 2021 (provisional) | Avery Hill | Available
22/01/2021 (Avery Hill), 29/01/2021 (Avery Hill), 05/02/2021 (Avery Hill), 12/02/2021 (Avery Hill), 19/02/2021 (Avery Hill), 26/02/2021 (Avery Hill), 05/03/2021 (Avery Hill), 12/03/2021 (Avery Hill), 19/03/2021 (Avery Hill)


This module is for qualified healthcare practitioners who are working in general practice and who would like to build on the knowledge they have gained from the Fundamentals of General Practice Nursing module or practitioners who have experience and are employed in general practice nursing. You will need the support of your employer.

The module aims to develop your knowledge and skills to enable you to care for patients in the general practice setting. It will enable you to assess and manage a range of conditions encountered in general practice using a variety of assessment tools and consultation models appropriate to the patient and situation.


Study at Level 5 or above within the last five years.


Case study 100% weighted, 40% pass grade. Practice portfolio, Pass/fail, 40% pass grade

Avery Hill Campus
Learning Outcomes
  • You will enhance and develop your skills and knowledge to enable you to perform the role of a general practice nurse.
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Course Leader
Name: Ren Lawlor
Tel: 020 8331 8737
Name: Pakiza Shah

Self Funding: £1500.00

Mode of Delivery
Classroom based
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