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Leadership for AHPs | 7SCZ0294 | 2019/20
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Leadership for AHPs | 7SCZ0294 | 2019/20
At this time, no start dates are available during 2019/20


The content will include understanding the context of leadership and how leaders are developed, leadership behaviours, the importance of role modelling and aspects of socio-cultural theory that lead to an individual’s identity and agency. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop their skills for influencing and teamwork. Valuing, leading and working with a diverse workforce through exhibiting inclusive behaviours that support equality will be explored through culture, team work and case studies. This will be supported by participation in action learning sets. Knowledge and skills for implementing change in services in health organisations will be explored including service improvement models and tools and change theory. Through undertaking a service development project, each participant will combine both their soft skills in influencing others, and hard skills of analysis of data and information, a balance of which is essential for today’s health leader.


The core themes are:


·         Leadership in context

·         Leading others

·         Leading services

·         Leading for impact


This will consist of two activities; a structured viva around participants leadership and a service improvement project.

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
Learning Outcomes


This is Level 7  30 credit short course


The aim of this course is to enable AHPs to examine critically the theory and practice of leadership, of both people and services, and reflect on the impact of their own leadership approach.



Course Notes

It is led by Dr Heather Thornton and experienced colleagues in the field.


This course has both face to face and online components



 The fee for self-funding students is £1400.



Course starts 2nd September online

This course has both face to face and online components. Dates taught at UH are: 16-17th September, 21st-22nd October, 18-19th November, 9-10th December


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Course Leader
Name: Karen Beeton
Tel: 01707 284114
Name: Julia Watson
Tel: 01707-284956
This is a 8 day course plus one online day on the 2nd of September

Self Funding: £1400.00

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