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Non Medical Prescribing Programme (NMP) for Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals | HHPRSC/HHPRSCM | Level 6/7 | Credits 30 | 2021/22
Health & Social Work
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Non Medical Prescribing Programme (NMP) for Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals | HHPRSC/HHPRSCM | Level 6/7 | Credits 30 | 2021/22
01/03/2022 | March Intake | Available
** Applications will ordinarily close 14 days before start date of a course.


Applications will close 14 days before the start date of the course, or earlier if the course is full.   The January 2021 cohort is now full.

For all enquiries, please email the team: nmp@herts.ac.uk

Our Multi-Disciplinary NMP Programme for qualified nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes required for safe, appropriate and cost-effective prescribing practice within the context of their specialist professional roles and the legislative and professional frameworks that govern their specific role. Our Programme involves blended learning strategies to facilitate effective inter-professional learning and the sharing of differing professional perspectives and expertise. Reflective discussions and prescribing analyses are held to enable students to integrate their learning within the context of their professional practice and to ensure that the specific requirements of the professional and statutory regulatory body (GPhC, HCPC and NMC) are fully addressed.

The NMP Programme consists of five 30 credit modules which have been accredited by either the GPhC, HCPC or NMC, they are:


  • AHP Independent Prescribing Module (Physiotherapists, Paramedics, Podiatrists & Therapeutic Radiographers) (Level 7)
  • AHP Supplementary Prescribing (Diagnostic Radiographers & Dietitians) (Level 7)
  • Nurse Independent Prescribing (V300) (Nurses and Midwives) (Level 7)
  • Pharmacist Independent Prescribing (Pharmacists) (Level 7)
  • Nurse Independent Prescribing (V300) (Nurses and Midwives) (Level 6)

Diagnostic radiographers and dieticians can only prescribe as a Supplementary Prescriber.

Students are required to complete 26 mandatory days of blended theoretical learning and a compulsory 90 hours of practice learning of which 25 hours should be spent with your DMP, PA or DPP as applicable.

You are strongly advised to read the Non-Medical Prescribing Programme Information before applying for the programme.



Before making an application please ensure you have secured the support of either:

  • Practice Assessor and Practice Supervisor (for Nurses and Midwives)
  • Designated Prescribing Practitioner (for Pharmacist)
  • Practice Educator (for AHP's).

The following documents are vital to your your application

  • Supporting Admissions Form (SAF)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copies of your professional qualifications

Please note that your application will NOT be processed without the above supporting documents and due to the time constraints we may not be able to chase delegates for this information, which may lead to your application NOT being successful.

Due to contractual agreements priority will be given to our contracted students.  We apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause anyone who is self-funding.

The level 6 Community Nurse Prescribing (V150) 15 credit module will commence in March 2022. Further information about this module can be available from September 2021.


Students are required to successfully complete the following five assessments to complete the programme:

  • Practice Portfolio (incorporating demonstration of the student’s achievement of the competences outlined in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Competency Framework for All Prescribers)
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • Prescribing Consultation with Critical Review of Accompanying Evidence Base (written assignment)
  • Unseen Applied Pharmacology Examination
  • Numeracy assessment
Learning Outcomes

To prescribe safely, appropriately and cost effectively and to prescribe medications within your field of competence.

On successful completion you will be awarded a Practice Certificate and be recommended to the relevant Professional Board as an independent or supplementary prescriber.

Please note the cost will vary depending on level of study and credits - 30 credits at Level 7 £1580.00 & 30 credits at Level 6 £2310.00

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Name: Caroline Flanagan-Jones
Tel: 01707-284956
Mode of Delivery
Main delivery will delivered by blended learning over a period of 24 weeks - 3 intakes September, January & March
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