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Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription | 7HSK2008 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
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Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription | 7HSK2008 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
12/02/2024 | Semester B - All teaching days are normally 9am – 4pm. Students are expected to attend all teaching dates.  | Intake Closed
12/02/2024 (Online), 13/02/2024 (in person - on campus), 05/03/2024 (Online), 18/03/2024 (in person - on campus), 19/03/2024 (in person - on campus), 22/04/2024 (Assessment : narrated power point presentation, submitted on-line)


The course has been developed to provide qualified physiotherapists the opportunity to develop advanced knowledge and skills in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise prescription. The course has a total of 3 days of face-to-face teaching at the University of Hertfordshire and 2 days of online synchronous teaching for which you will need to have access to a suitable personal computer and a good reliable Internet connection. 


Course content includes: 


Musculoskeletal Exercise Prescription & Rehabilitation 



Advanced Clinical Reasoning   


Patient Centred Care 


Critical consideration of evidence to enhance practice   


Strength & Conditioning   


Technical Expertise and Skills 


This module is equivalent to 150 hours of student effort including 5 taught days.   

All applications are considered on a first come, first served basis. Once the module is full the application portal will close, so early application is advised.  



Course aims  

The course aims to build on existing knowledge and skills to facilitate an enhanced critical awareness of contemporary and emerging musculoskeletal rehabilitation theory and practice from an evidence-based perspective and apply advanced clinical reasoning skills to the development of safe and effective client specific rehabilitation programmes and exercise prescription. 



Students will be expected to participate in discussions regarding the theoretical considerations and practical issues surrounding the musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise prescription of patients. Students will be encouraged to draw on past experiences of clinical practice and educational processes and actively engage in critical evaluation of relevant published material and contemporary clinical practices within the musculoskeletal field. Part of the module will be dedicated to facilitating the development of technical expertise in the skills and practices required to safely and effectively rehabilitate patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction. This will be in terms of developing skills but also the ability to be flexible and innovative in applying and evaluating these skills within a clinically reasoned patient−centred framework which is informed by the evolving evidence−base and current professional issues. 


Module dates

All teaching days are normally 9am – 4pm. Students are expected to attend all teaching dates.  

Monday 12th February 2024, online 

Tuesday 13th February 2024, in person on campus 

Tuesday 5th March 2024, online 

Monday 18th March 2024, in person on campus 

Tuesday 19th March 2024, in person on campus 


Assessment dates

Narrated power point presentation, submitted on-line, week commencing 22nd April 2024  

Refer/Defer assessment week commencing 14th August 2024 



Qualified Physiotherapists with BSc Hons in Physiotherapy (or equivalent) qualification, with evidence of work experience in the musculoskeletal field.   Physiotherapists who undertake work-based/clinical skills modules should have HCPC registration (or equivalent).  



The assessment will consist of a narrated power point presentation. Submission week commencing 22nd April 2024 .


Learning Outcomes
Knowledge and Understanding: 


Successful students will typically: 

  • Synthesise current knowledge demonstrating critical awareness of the evidence relating to the relevant principles underpinning both musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise prescription. 


Skills and Attributes: 


Successful students will typically: 

  • Demonstrate technical expertise and adaptability in developing, progressing and evaluating programmes of rehabilitation and evidence based exercise prescription appropriate for patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction. 
  • Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and clinical reasoning based on judgements made from analysing and evaluating appropriate evidence 
  • Utilise self−evaluation and reflection of their practice. 

  • Engage confidently in academic and professional communication.  

What our students say

all lecturers have been great - really clear explanations and have given time for questions and feedback’ 

‘Engaging content which can be applied across different clinical settings’ 


Course Notes

The course is normally facilitated by Sharon Newman. Previous regular contributors include Sharon Newman, Matthew Guilliatt, Fiona Scott, Lewis Rawson and other experts from clinical practice and research.  

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Course Leader
Name: Dr Mindy Cairns & Andrea Moulson
Name: Julie Porter
Tel: 01707 284800


The price quoted above is per 15 credits relates to students assessed as UK/home self-funded for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU/Overseas. Fees status will normally stay with the student for the remainder of their course. Here you can find further details along with, costs and when your fees need to be paid. You may be able to obtain a Post Graduate student loan, for which you must sign up for the whole MSc programme and not just individual modules or a Post Graduate Diploma, further details can be found at Gov.uk Master’s Loan

Learner Hours
Scheduled 30 hours & Independent 120 hours
Mode of Delivery
blended learning
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