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Leading Service Change | 7HSK0306 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
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Leading Service Change | 7HSK0306 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
15/01/2024 | Semester B | Intake Closed
15/01/2024 (in person, at UH), 29/01/2024 (Online), 12/02/2024 (Online), 26/02/2024 (in person, at UH), 11/03/2024 (Online), 25/03/2024 (Online)
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  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Radiotherapy and Oncology Practice
  • HHMWHMMSC - MSc Midwifery and Women’s Health
  • HHMPHYMSC - MSc Advanced Physiotherapy
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  • HHCONMSC - MSc Contemporary Nursing
  • HSASWPM - MSc Advanced Social Work Practice
  • HSAPPM - MSc Advanced Paramedic Practice
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Medical Imaging
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  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Clinical Radiographic Reporting

In these challenging times Health and Care services need to be developed to meet growing demands but with decreasing resources. This course explores models, theories and the evidence base to enable you to identify how to lead change within your service.  



The course covers three main themes: the external context and health policy influencing change; service development and redesign; working with change and leadership. The course explores questions such as: How do you involve service users and other stakeholders in service development? How to identify what to change? How do you prepare for the future? How can you facilitate change through people and process, creating a sense of urgency and commitment? What is leadership and how do you lead? What types of leaders are required in challenging times? How can leadership styles influence team motivation and outcomes? 


Attendance dates and times:


15/01/24: 10:00 – 16:00 in person at UH 

29/01/24: 09:30 – 12:00 online 

12/02/24: 09:30 – 12:00 online 

26/02/24: 10:00 – 16:00 in person at UH 

11/03/24: 09:30 – 12:00 online 

25/03/24: 09:30 – 12:00 online 



You should be a qualified health care professional currently working in an appropriate area of practice.    

Normally students may enter Level 7 study having completed a qualification at Level 6, which is equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

This module forms part of a broader CPD framework which can lead to a postgraduate award or it can be taken as a standalone module for CPD. 


Powerpoint presentation with embedded narration, critically discussing a change you are leading underpinned by theories and models studied within the course. Submission date: 24th April 2024


What our students say.....
“Never got a chance to be bored! With the zoom classes, videos, discussions etc... the range and depth of different approaches was absolutely fantastic.” 


“The lecturers were able to convey humour, warmth and empathy over the online airwaves (no mean feat) enabling everyone to be able to build supportive relationships and to be open and honest... excellent teaching!” 


“I found the course very inspiring. I enjoyed the feeling of urgency, the feeling that we can make a difference and the knowledge to assist us with making a start.” 


“The course has been extremely well structured and has been presented in a clear and logical way. The course content mirrors the assessment criteria and the preparatory work for each session is well set up to support this.” 


“I have enjoyed the sessions and found them very helpful in developing my understanding of change and I will definitely be able to apply them at work.”


Learning Outcomes

Successful students will typically be able to: 


1. Critically discuss the theories, models and tools to lead and improve services to meet the challenges of current and future health and social care.  


2. Critically discuss models and methods of change management and leadership, and apply that knowledge to service redesign.


3. Critically apply service improvement tools and methods to evaluate capacity, capability and implementation of service change .


4. Critically reflect on their own ability to lead and manage service change.  



Course Notes

This course is led by Liz Ward, a Principal Lecturer in healthcare leadership, management and service redesign. Alongside her lecturing work Liz is an independent consultant within healthcare, advising healthcare organisations on wide-scale system change and programme delivery, and an Executive Coach.  


Previously Liz held several senior leadership roles within the NHS. Liz started her career as a Physiotherapist, and is passionate about equipping staff that work within and alongside healthcare, with the skills they need to create and lead services that are fit for the future.  


The course also features lecturers with expertise in the field of research methods and service evaluation.

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The price quoted above is per 15 credits in this academic year. This price relates to self-funding students assessed as UK students for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU/Overseas, or for returning students that are on a course leading to an award. Click here for Fees and Funding information or email us.

Learner Hours
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