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Developing Professional Practice: Independent Study 1 | 7HSK0318 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
Health & Social Work
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Developing Professional Practice: Independent Study 1 | 7HSK0318 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
02/10/2023 | Semester A | Intake Closed
29/01/2024 | Semester B | Intake Closed

  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Radiotherapy and Oncology Practice
  • HHMPHYMSC - MSc Advanced Physiotherapy
  • HSASWPM - MSc Advanced Social Work Practice
  • HSAPPM - MSc Advanced Paramedic Practice
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Medical Imaging
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Medical Ultrasound
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Clinical Radiographic Reporting

This module is designed for AHP health professionals who want to gain an in depth understanding of a particular subject area in which they have a specific interest and that is not provided through taught modules. There are no specific days when you are required to attend the University. Communication is with your supervisor and arranged to suit your needs.  


You must submit the topic of choice form in the downloads section on this page with your application 


The modules can be studied with any module within the framework and particularly complement the following courses to provide a bespoke area of study:  


1. Evidencing Professional Practice 1 or 2  

2. Developing Professional Practice: Work based skills 1 and 3  



If you are not sure which is the most suitable option, we will be happy to advise you. The flow chart below will help in informing your selection.  


Which independent study module do I need?  A decision-making algorithm 


The algorithm below may help in determining which of the independent study modules is the most appropriate for you.  You can select all of these modules to study in succession or just select one that is of particular interest.  There is no predetermined set order, however if you intend to study all then the DPPIS is often a useful starting point.


You should be a qualified health care professional currently working in an appropriate area of practice.    


This module forms part of a broader CPD framework which can lead to a postgraduate award, or it can be taken as a standalone module for CPD.


The nature of the assessment and the number of elements is dependent upon the topic under study and the learning outcomes identified for the proposed study. You will be expected to negotiate the assessment of the module in conjunction with your supervisor. 

Learning Outcomes


The aims of these modules are to enable you to undertake an area of study of your own choice, which will inform and be of benefit to developing your professional practice. 


Students will typically:  


1. Independently explore and critically appraise the literature pertaining to the identified topic of professional practice. 

2. Undertake an independent study of their choice which will inform and enhance their professional practice.  

3. Demonstrate enhanced investigative, analytical, critical and reflective skills.  

4. Evaluate the impact of their learning upon their professional practice and discuss adaptations to their practice, as appropriate. 

Course Notes

This independent study module is facilitated by academic tutors with experience in this area. You will be supported throughout the period of study.


What our students say:

"Thank-you for your support through out the module, it was great to be able to develop learning outcomes which were so specific to my current practice and needs."

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Name: Louise Smith
Tel: 01707 281030
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The price quoted above is per 15 credits and relates to students assessed as UK/home self-funded for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU/Overseas. Fees status will normally stay with the student for the remainder of their course. Here you can find further details along with, costs and when your fees need to be paid. You may be able to obtain a Post Graduate student loan, for which you must sign up for the whole MSc programme and not just individual modules or a Post Graduate Diploma, further details can be found at Gov.uk Master’s Loan

Learner Hours
Independent 150 hours
Mode of Delivery
Distance Learning
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