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Preparation for Research Project | 7HSK2049 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
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Preparation for Research Project | 7HSK2049 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
18/09/2023 | Semester A - Online - Mondays - 9:00 to 12:30 | Intake Closed
18/09/2023 (Online), 25/09/2023 (Online), 02/10/2023 (Online), 09/10/2023 (Online), 16/10/2023 (Online), 06/11/2023 (Online), 04/12/2023 (Online)
18/01/2024 | Semester B - Online - Thursdays - 9:00 to 12:30 | Intake Closed
18/01/2024 (Online), 25/01/2024 (Online), 01/02/2024 (Online), 08/02/2024 (Online), 15/02/2024 (Online), 29/02/2024 (Online), 21/03/2024 (Online)

  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Radiotherapy and Oncology Practice
  • HHMWHMMSC - MSc Midwifery and Women’s Health
  • HHMPHYMSC - MSc Advanced Physiotherapy
  • HHCSNPGD - PgDip Specialist Community Nursing - Community Children’s Nursing/ Community District Nursing/General Practice Nursing (MSc)
  • HHCPHPGD - PgDip Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - Health Visiting / School Nursing (MSc)
  • HHCONMSC - MSc Contemporary Nursing
  • HSCBTMSC - PgDip/MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • HSASWPM - MSc Advanced Social Work Practice
  • HSAPPM - MSc Advanced Paramedic Practice
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Advanced Medical Imaging
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Medical Ultrasound
  • HSMIRSM - MSc Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Clinical Radiographic Reporting

This module builds on Research Methods fostering a “research-tutored” approach where students critically appraise the evidence in relation to their own discipline in order to identify a feasible research question and an appropriate means to answer it. 


The term “research” is used in its broadest sense to denote any form of inquiry focussed on an area of the student’s professional practice. This may include quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed methods, systematic reviews, literature reviews, retrospective data analysis, audit and evaluation of a healthcare innovation. The student will choose the focus of their project, develop the necessary academic skills and understand, critique and apply relevant theoretical approaches to formulate a research question and proposal in keeping with their chosen method of inquiry. 


Teaching and learning will comprise of compulsory components to equip students with key skills, including identification, critique, synthesis and organisation of a relevant body of evidence, critical use of theoretical approaches, and Masters’ level academic writing, to enable them to prepare, plan and carry out their Research Project module. 


Methods of inquiry and profession specific workshops will provide students with guidance relevant to their topic, and their chosen data collection method and data analysis, including processes of governance and ethical review where relevant. Students will also learn about the role of the research supervisor. 


Successful completion either 7HSK038 Research Methods or 7HSK2078 Integrating Research with Contemporary Practice or equivalent is a pre-requisite for the module.  


 Coursework 1, 100% 


A project proposal (3000 word equivalent) 

Learning Outcomes

The aims of this module are to enable students to effectively plan and develop a project proposal using established, appropriate methods of inquiry in preparation for their Research Project.  


Students will typically: 

1. Further develop their critical knowledge and understanding of methodological approaches to research. 

2. Critically appraise, organise and synthesise research literature in order to identify a feasible research 

question and an appropriate means to answer it. 

3. Identify the necessary approval and governance processes including consideration and management of the ethical issues arising from the proposed project. 


Course Notes

** Please note - application via this system is not confirmation of a place on this module. Applications are reviewed by the academic team and continuing students will be given priority over new students where a module is full ** 


What our students say


Overall I felt the module was excellent, there was plenty of opportunity to hear from expert tutors, the module provided a good step by step approach to writing a successful research proposal which (hopefully) will provide a solid platform to deliver a successful research project.’ 


‘As someone who was quite nervous about doing my research project, as soon as I started I wasn’t as I felt supported and the very clear structure and written expectation for the two modules was brilliant. To have something like that to work from made everything much easier.’ 


The module is facilitated by Dr Rosemary Godbold with input from senior academics across HSK 

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The price quoted above is per 15 credits in this academic year. This price relates to self-funding students assessed as UK students for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU/Overseas, or for returning students that are on a course leading to an award. Click here for Fees and Funding information or email us.

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