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Pre AMHP (Foundation Course) | 7SCZ0235 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
Health & Social Work
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Pre AMHP (Foundation Course) | 7SCZ0235 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2023/24
27/09/2023 | Semester A - course will run over 5 days 27th September - 3rd October 2023 | Intake Closed
27/09/2023, 28/09/2023, 29/09/2023, 02/10/2023, 03/10/2023
24/04/2024 | Semester B - course will run over 5 days 24th April - 30th April 2024 | Available
24/04/2024, 25/04/2024, 26/04/2024, 29/04/2024, 30/04/2024
** Applications will ordinarily close 6 days before start date of a course.


Who should attend the course?

This course is designed for qualified mental health professionals considering or preparing for moving on to undertake AMHP training. Students usually include suitably qualified and registered social workers, mental health/learning disability nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists. 

You need to have a relevant professional qualification i.e. a first degree or equivalent, or demonstration of ability to study at postgraduate level. Post-qualifying practical experience for two years or more is required. 

You also need to be currently working in either full or part-time capacity in a statutory mental health setting which will provide the relevant experience to achieve the module learning outcomes. Candidates in connected areas such as Adult Social Care can also be considered for the course. 

Employer support is necessary for candidates to do the Pre-AMHP Foundation Course and those preparing to move onto the full AMHP training programme. 

Where students are employed by a Local Authority or Trust, given their own robust processes, the University is satisfied that an up-to-date enhanced DBS check will be in place. Where applicants/ students are self employed or not employed by a Local Authority or Trust, however, DBS and University Occupational Health clearances will be required if you are offered a place on the course.  


Course Aims

The short course is designed to achieve two objectives: First, to ensure students gain a critical understanding of a range of perspectives in relation to mental health practice and applied mental health law. Secondly, to ensure that students are familiar with current academic learning environments and requirements.


Course design

Taught sessions employ a combination of lectures/ seminars, individual and groupwork. 



A written assignment is required which is based on the completion of 5 hours of ward observations on a psychiatric ward. These should be arranged by the student in conjunction with the Local Authority AMHP lead. The student should spend one hour per day, at the same time each day, on the ward just observing. It should be a busy, acute ward, and one where the candidate does not usually work. The ward observations should be arranged to take place within a week or so of the taught sessions. 


Where is the course taught and by whom?

Students to be away from their normal place of work for the duration of the course. It is planned for most of the course to be taught face-to-face at the University of Hertfordshire at College Lane campus or another Hatfield campus. There will also be materials that students will need to engage with at home. One of the days on the course is designed to facilitate self-directed study for individual group work. It is noted that depending on Covid, it may sometimes be necessary to teach all or part of the sessions online. 

UH staff, including John Paul Anastasiadis (AMHP Programme Lead) and Clare Landy (module lead), both practicing AMHPs, facilitate most of the taught sessions. Guest speakers with specific and relevant knowledge and experience, including experts by experience, are invited to contribute as required. 


Computer equipment requirement

Delivery of the course incorporates online elements and blended learning which aims to combine e-learning activities with class based learning. Candidates therefore need to have access to a suitable personal computer and a good reliable Internet connection. If candidates have any queries or need any additional support with IT skills, the School employs an e-learning technologist who will be pleased to help and advise you: edtechhsk@herts.ac.uk



To find out information about the fees visit go.herts.ac.uk/cpdfees or, follow the link below and type ‘AMHP’ into the search box to find full course details, including costs, of the Pre-AMHP Foundation Course (and AMHP courses in due course): https://applycpd.com/herts


Contract funding for NHS staff

The University is contracted by the NHS to provide post-registration education/CPD and training for its health professionals.  If you are an NHS employee contact the senior manager responsible for post-registration education/CPD in your Trust to check if the course you wish to attend can be supported by the Trust's contract with our University.


When does this course run?

This course is taught over 5 days: 

Semester A provisional dates are 27th September 2023 - 3rd October 2023
Semester B provisioanl dates are 24th April – 30th April 2024


Course Enquiries

Clare Landy   

AMHP Programme Lead  



Booking Enquiries

Health short courses team: 

Tel 01707 284956; fax 01707 285814

healthshortcourses@herts.ac.uk/ ask@herts.ac.uk 


Link to apply:

One can also follow the link below and type ‘AMHP’ into the search box to find full course details of the Pre-AMHP Foundation Course (and AMHP courses in due course): https://applycpd.com/herts


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Course Leader
Name: Clare Landy
Tel: +447983429152
Name: Niamh Sexton
Tel: 01707 284800


The price quoted above is per 15 credits and relates to students assessed as UK/home self-funded for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU Overseas/Overseas. Fees status will normally stay with the student for the remainder of their course. Here you can find further details along with, costs and when your fees need to be paid. You may be able to obtain a Post Graduate student loan, for which you must sign up for the whole MSc programme and not just individual modules or a Post Graduate Diploma, further details can be found at Gov.uk Master’s Loan

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