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MSc Advanced Clinical Practice | HSACPM | Level 7 | Credits 180 | 2023/24
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MSc Advanced Clinical Practice | HSACPM | Level 7 | Credits 180 | 2023/24
September 2023

  • 7HSK2078 - Integrating Research with Contemporary Practice
  • 7HSK0293 - Leadership Education and Developing Others
  • 7HSK0315 - Musculoskeletal Trauma: Image Recognition for Healthcare Professionals
  • 7HSK0316 - Musculoskeletal Pathologies: Image Recognition for Healthcare Professionals
  • 7HSK0331 - Lower Quadrant - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • 7HSK0168 - Advanced Decision Making
  • 7HSK2079 - Managing Minor Injuries (Can only be studied after completing 7HSK2087 or equivalent)
  • 7HSK2084 - Minor Illness-Diagnostics and Interventions (Can only be studied after completing 7HSK2087 or equivalent)
  • 7HSK2085 - Coaching Skills for Leading
  • 7HSK0197 - Leading Innovation in Practice
  • 7HSK0208 - Managing Long Term Conditions in Primary Care
  • 7HSK0317 - Imaging Modalities for Healthcare Professionals
  • 7HSK2086 - Leg Ulcer Management Theory and Practice: A Competency Based Course
  • 7HSK0330 - Paediatric Urgent and Emergency Care
  • 7HSK0267 - Enabling Learning in Contemporary Healthcare
  • 7HSK0289 - Advanced Clinical Practice
  • 7HSK2087 - Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Indicators
  • 7HSK0291 - Advanced Work Based Skills - Diagnostic Interpretation
  • 7HSK0299 - Psychological Therapeutic Interventions - - NO LONGER BEING OFFERED AT UH
  • 7HSK0306 - Leading Service Change
  • 7HSK0329 - Cardiology for Urgent and Emergency Care
  • 7LMS0173 - Therapeutics of Skin Conditions
  • 7HSK2004 - Safeguarding children and families in complex and challenging situations
  • 7HSK2001 - Safeguarding: Working with Risk and Opportunity
  • 7HSK0292 - Advanced Work Based Skills - Therapeutic Interventions
  • 7HSK0294 - Practice Development Project
  • 7HSK2058 - Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy
  • 7HSK0361 - Informed Consent - NOT AVAILABLE IN 23/24
  • 7HSK0362 - Psychology of Cancer
  • 7LMS0179 - Managing Chronic Oedema
  • 7LMS0175 - Mind and Skin
  • 7HSK0332 - Upper Quadrant - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • HHPRSCM - Non Medical Prescribing Programme (NMP) for Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals
  • 7LMS2055 - Lower Limb Dermatology

September 2023 is now closed


MSc Advanced Clinical Practice


Please note this page is in relation to the standard MSc Advanced Clinical Practice programme. If you want to apply for the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Degree Apprenticeship) route, please contact the apprenticeship team via be@herts.ac.uk.

About this course

This new MSc has been developed in collaboration with experienced health practitioners and NHS organisations to enable registered health professionals, who are working at higher levels of practice, to develop their career to achieve the capabilities of advanced practice as set out in the Multi-professional Framework for Advanced Practice (Health Education England 2017).

This is a multi-professional programme, open to nurses, midwives, paramedics, dietitians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiographers and radiotherapists. It will provide opportunities to challenge and critically analyse your professional practice and to achieve the learning and development required for you to achieve your scope of practice as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

The programme involves a significant level of work based learning in the practice setting where you will develop your scope of practice across the 4 pillars of advanced practice – advanced clinical practice, education, research and leadership (HEE 2017) .

In order to undertake either pathway you will need a supervisor with appropriate skills to support you to become an advanced clinical practitioner.


Course structure

The MSc Advanced Clinical Practice is a structured pathway. However accreditation of prior learning is accepted and reviewed on application.

Completion of core modules at an undergraduate level may offer opportunities for optional modules to be chosen from a range of modules relevant to your scope of advanced practice.

The MSc Advanced Clinical Practice award is available as a Master’s award only, which requires 180 credits. Although there are stepping off points if required they do not permit you to use the title Advanced Practitioner. 

Programme Pathway for students starting in September 2023





Year 1 (2023/24)



Advanced Clinical Practice (Core)

Integrated Research with Contemporary Practice (Core)




Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Indicators (Core)



Advanced Work Based Skills - Diagnostic Interpretation (Core)



Year 2 (2024/25)




Optional module(s)


Or alternatively choose Non-Medical Prescribing

15 or 30



Leadership, Education and Developing Others (Core)m



Advanced Work Based Skills - Therapeutic Interventions (Core)



Year 3 (2025/26)



Practice Development Project (Core)


A, B or C

Optional Module(s)

15 or 30


Semester A    September – January

Semester B    January – May

Semester C    May - September


Teaching Methods

Modules are facilitated by a variety of experienced lecturers from the University as well as external expert lecturers.


Modules are assessed by a variety of methods for example essays, presentations, reports, written and practical examinations.




Before applying, applicants must have funding secured with their employer and support in the workplace. Unfortunately we cannot accept self-funding applicants.

All applicants will need to attach a completed Employer Authorisation Form to their application. You can find a copy of the form within the application portal. Students going into year 2 and 3 will not need to resubmit a new Employer Authorisation Form UNLESS their circumstances have changed (e.g different employer/trust).

You will need to have:

  • Normally a first degree in a health related discipline that includes a research focused module.  Applicants with evidence of equivalent professional development or academic proficiency will be considered. Applicants with non-UK academic qualifications will need to supply evidence of equivalency through ECCTIS/ENIC (Please note this can take up to 15 working days so please apply in plenty of time as the Statement of Comparability must be supplied at the point of application for the programme.)
  • Current registration with one of the statutory regulators of health and care professions
  • Employment as a health care professional in an appropriate setting
  • Evidence of their employer’s recommendation for their application for a programme of study leading to an Advanced Practice role including a formal reference from the employer confirming;
  1. the applicant demonstrates professional values and behaviours, respecting peoples diversity, beliefs, culture, needs, values and preferences and shows respect and empathy acting as a role model for others
  2. the applicant's ‘clinical readiness’ to undertake the programme
  • Evidence of employer support to undertake the programme including the provision of a mentor with ‘occupational competence’ and the availability of appropriate clinical supervision
  • Normally a minimum of 3 years post-qualification experience.
Learning Outcomes

Total module hours are the normal study and required practice learning hours that a student will undertake to complete the module. Student learning includes; attending taught sessions; completing learning in practice hours; studying and completing coursework for submission.

At present, the modules available are first-year modules.  If you have any enquiries, please contact the Programme Leader, Laura Eccott and Eleanor Squires via mscacp@herts.ac.uk

Course Notes

Self funding students are not permitted to study this programme. Applicants must be sponsored by their employer.


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Course Leader
Name: default Laura Eccott & Eleanor Squires
Name: Eleena Ehiosun
Tel: 01707 284800


Self funding students are not permitted to study this programme applicants must be sponsored by their employer. The price quoted above is per 15 credits in this academic year. This price relates to students assessed as UK students for fee purposes. Prices may differ for students that are assessed as EU/Overseas, or for returning students that are on a course leading to an award. Click here for Fees and Funding information or email us.

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