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Renal dialysis: principles of care | HP6016Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2019/20
At this time, no start dates are available during 2019/20


This module aims to foster life-long personal and professional development in order to produce knowledgeable, skilled and reflective nurses in health and social care. It is a flexible educational programme, which reflects contemporary healthcare provision and meets the needs of students, service users and health and social care employers.

This module is for nurses who wish to become competent and informed in the care and management of clients receiving renal replacement therapy, either haemodialysis (HD) or/and peritoneal dialysis (PD). It will also enhance knowledge in relation to the care and treatment of acute kidney injury. The focus of the module is on assessment, intervention and evaluation of pre, intra and post dialysis.

The course is also offered as a postgraduate (level 7) award.


Who is this module for?

Nurses who work in an appropriate clinical area caring for renal clients and have a minimum of 6 months recent experience of caring for renal clients. All applicants must have a renal clinical placement with access to haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis confirmed prior to commencing the module.


Competency assessment document (CAD) and written essay

Learning Outcomes
  1. Perform and document accurately a comprehensive assessment, intervention and evaluation of dialysis* treatment for the client in established renal failure and the client with acute kidney injury.
  2. Critically appraise evidence-based practice in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions for clients in established and/or acute renal failure.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of potential error, risk management and harm free care for the client receiving dialysis.
  4. Identify potentially complex psychosocial and ethical-legal issues related to care and management of clients receiving dialysis.
  5. Critically analyse the role of the nurse within the multidisciplinary team to provide optimal care for the client on dialysis.
  6. Critically examine and apply research findings and guidance for advancing dialysis practice.
  7. Incorporates personal responsibility and the professional code in terms of delivering efficient, effective and safe dialysis treatment to the client group.

* For this purpose, the term dialysis includes haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and the associated dialysis treatment of plasmaphoresis.


Course length: 10 Teaching Days


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Course Leader
Name: Paula Lamb

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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