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Intensive care patient assessment | HP6009Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2019/20
18/09/2019 | Available
18/09/2019, 02/10/2019, 16/10/2019, 30/10/2019, 13/11/2019, 27/11/2019, 11/12/2019, 08/01/2020, 22/01/2020, 05/02/2020 (Exam)
25/03/2020 | Available
25/03/2020, 08/04/2020, 22/04/2020, 06/05/2020, 20/05/2020, 03/06/2020, 17/06/2020, 01/07/2020, 15/07/2020, 29/07/2020 (Exam)
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This module is for nurses working in adult intensive care units and will equip students with the necessary skills to undertake and interpret a comprehensive assessment of an adult intensive care patient.
When taken in conjunction with the Intensive Care Patient Management module, this module meets the requirements for the Step two and Step three competencies which are incorporated in the National Standards for Adult Critical Care Nurse Education (2016). 

The course is also offered as a postgraduate (level 7) award.


Who is this module for?

Nurses working in adult intensive care areas with opportunity to assess adult intensive care patients.


Written examination

Learning Outcomes
  1. Appraise the knowledge, skills and approaches needed to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the intensive care patient.
  2. Review the pathophysiological changes associated with a range of conditions found in the intensive care patient.
  3. Critically analyse assessment results and data using appropriate comparisons for age, gender, normal values and underlying pathophysiology.
  4. Evaluate the clinical significance of the assessment data obtained and likely implications for the patient.
  5. Critically analyse assessment data obtained from technological sources and how this informs intensive care patient management.
  6. Review sources of information and utilise information technology to enhance the assessment process.
  7. Critique invasive and non-invasive monitoring approaches in the intensive care patient.


Course length: 10 Teaching Days


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Course Leader
Name: Johannes Mellinghoff

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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