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Trauma care: initial assessment and management | HP6020X | Level 6 | Credits 15 | 2019/20
29/10/2019 | Available
29/10/2019, 05/11/2019, 12/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 26/11/2019, 10/12/2019 (OSCE)
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This module aims to develop participants core knowledge and skills relating to the assessment, initial management and care of the polytrauma patient.
A range of traumatic injuries will be explored but the focus will be upon initial assessment and management of these patients in the context of the emergency department.

The course is also offered as a postgraduate (level 7) award.


Who is this module for?

Experienced emergency care nurses and operating department practitioners (ODPs) who have previously undertaken core emergency care education or equivalent.


Observed moulage assessment and multiple choice examination

Learning Outcomes
  1. Differentiate the pathophysiology of trauma caused by a variety of injury mechanisms in a variety of patient groups.
  2. Demonstrate systematic and proficient initial assessment skills for the polytrauma patient and evaluate the data in relation to common life-threatening injuries.
  3. Identify and critically analyse appropriate initial management for common life-threatening traumatic injuries.
  4. Demonstrate in-depth understanding of current specialist trauma care in an emergency setting.
  5. Evaluate evidence-based practice for the care of a patient following major trauma.


Course length: 5 teaching days plus exam


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Course Leader
Name: Suzan Thompson

Self Funding: £850.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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