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Honours degree project: appraising evidence and developing practice | HP6038Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2019/20
24/09/2019 | Available
24/09/2019, 01/10/2019, 08/10/2019, 15/10/2019, 22/10/2019, 29/10/2019, 05/11/2019, 12/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 10/12/2019
21/04/2020 | Available
21/04/2020, 28/04/2020, 05/05/2020, 12/05/2020, 19/05/2020, 26/05/2020, 02/06/2020, 09/06/2020, 21/07/2020, 28/07/2020
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This module aims to introduce healthcare practitioners to the research process, as relevant to their evidence-based practice and to enable students to develop their ability to appraise research evidence, to explore how this underpins clinical practice and to identify how the existing evidence base could be developed.

Participants will develop their understanding of a variety of research methods, to competently critique contemporary research evidence and to identify research questions that will enable the development of their own clinical practice.



Applicants must already have 120 credits at level 5 and 90 credits at level 6 to study this module.


Literature review

Learning Outcomes
  1. Identify and discuss an area of practice that requires development.
  2. Systematically explore and appraise available literature on a selected subject area, related to healthcare practice.
  3. Critically discuss various research designs and methods relevant to healthcare practice.
  4. Critically appraise research literature focusing on specific practice issues/themes.
  5. Demonstrate a systematic, analytical and reflective approach to reviewing the literature.
  6. Reflect on own practice and make recommendations for developing practice based on critically appraised evidence.
  7. Identify a research question based on own practice and a systematic appraisal of contemporary literature.
  8. Demonstrate a systematic and critically reflective approach to report writing.


Course length: 10 Teaching Days



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Course Leader
Name: Susan Strong

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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