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Working with families, carers and significant others in mental health | HP6066Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2019/20
05/02/2020 | Available
12/02/2020, 19/02/2020, 26/02/2020, 04/03/2020, 11/03/2020, 18/03/2020, 25/03/2020, 05/02/2020, 01/04/2020, 22/04/2020
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The module aims to equip mental health practitioners with an understanding of the theoretical background and research evidence as well as the clinical skills to undertake family intervention for psychosis in practice.

This module will enable students to develop a critical knowledge and evidence base around the needs of families and carers of people with severe mental health problems and the clinical practice of family support and interventions. It seeks to develop the application of skills and expertise that will enable practitioners to provide evidence based family interventions which have shown to be effective in reducing the impact of serious mental health problems within the families and improving their ability to cope.

The course is also offered as a postgraduate (level 7) award.

Who is this module for?

Healthcare practitioners who must be working with at least one family/carer or significant other living with severe and enduring mental illness for the duration of the module.

Students would normally have undertaken the following modules: 'Recovery orientated care in mental health' , 'Psychosocial assessment' and 'Psychosocial interventions'.


Competency assessment document (CAD) and reflective essay

Learning Outcomes
  1. Critically analyse the theoretical and evidence base for family work, models and frameworks.
  2. Critically evaluate the needs of families, carers and significant others and specific family work interventions for S.M.I.
  3. Demonstrate an active and collaborative approach to engaging with families, carers and significant others as well as other professionals.
  4. Demonstrate a systematic approach to the assessment of strengths and needs of families, carers or significant others.
  5. Demonstrate the clinical skills required to provide? family interventions and support to families/carers or significant others within their particular clinical setting integrating theories/learning into practice.
  6. Actively manage the ethical dilemmas of family interventions practice and work proactively with others to formulate solutions.
  7. Critically appraise and reflect on the development of personal and professional practice.


Course length: 10 Teaching Days



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Self Funding: £1690.00

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