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Admission Avoidance for Paramedics | PS615Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2019/20
28/04/2020 | Available
28/04/2020, 29/04/2020, 05/05/2020, 06/05/2020, 12/05/2020, 13/05/2020, 19/05/2020, 20/05/2020 (Exam)
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This module is for qualified Paramedics and is designed to equip students with an increased ability to safely manage patients with acute minor presentations or those with chronic health conditions in the community where appropriate.

A case-based approach will be utilised, along with simulation and online resources.

The module aims to enable students to effectively manage patients presenting with unscheduled care needs that do not warrant immediate hospital admission. They will be able to recognise key risk features and show an awareness of management strategies and referral pathways for a range of minor illnesses, injuries and chronic health conditions.


Who is this module for?

Students should be registered Paramedics.



Interactive Objective Structured Clinical Examination, proposal of a referral pathway

Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply a safe working knowledge and effective management of patients with acute minor or chronic conditions.
  2. Utilise assessment tools to identify 'Red Flags' in patients presenting with acute minor or chronic conditions.
  3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the complexity of chronic health conditions and a recognition of the deteriorating patient.
  4. Critically discuss referral pathways and implementation of care guidelines relevant to admissions avoidance.
  5. Discuss how collaborative working with multi-disciplinary teams can influence appropriate management of patients with acute minor or chronic conditions.
  6. Effectively communicate with patients, family/carers, and other healthcare professionals.
  7. Critically discuss and reflect on the professional and ethical challenges in managing hospital avoidance.


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Course Leader
Name: Naomi Murphy

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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