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Advanced practice: minor injury management | HP7004X | Level 7 (Postgraduate) | Credits 15 | 2020/21
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
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Advanced practice: minor injury management | HP7004X | Level 7 (Postgraduate) | Credits 15 | 2020/21
13/10/2020 | Waiting List
13/10/2020, 23/10/2020, 27/10/2020, 03/11/2020, 19/11/2020, 26/11/2020
09/02/2021 | Available
09/02/2021, 16/02/2021, 23/02/2021, 02/03/2021, 09/03/2021, 16/03/2021
08/06/2021 | Available
08/06/2021, 15/06/2021, 22/06/2021, 29/06/2021, 06/07/2021, 13/07/2021
** Applications will ordinarily close 28 days before start date of a course.


The module is designed for healthcare practitioners working at/or towards advanced levels of practice, who wish to develop knowledge and skills in managing minor injuries in children and adults. It is intended to enhance independent practice through the efficient use of resources and will enable practitioners to implement management plans for patients with minor injuries presenting to walk-in clinics, urgent care centres, accident & emergency or other community settings.

In order to complete the Competency Assessment Document assignment for this module, the student will need to arrange a clinical placement suitable for this module with an Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centre or Minor Injuries Unit, for up to 50 hours in practice.


Programme entry requirements. Students should:

•be registered health professionals  with  a  minimum  of  2  years  post  qualifying experience in a healthcare setting. 

•have  identified  a  suitably  qualified  mentor  and  appropriate  work  setting  for completion of the practice portfolio.


Advanced practice route

Applicants for this route will be required to meet all the following additional requirements:

  • a minimum of two years full-time experience (or the equivalent in part-time hours) in health or social care employment
  • be employed in a senior role
  • demonstrate they are working in a practice setting which enables the achievement of the specialist compulsory module outcomes relating to the Advanced Practice competencies (Great Britain, Department of Health, 2010).

Written assignment and competency assessment document

Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the relevant anatomy and physiology in the management of individuals presenting with minor injuries.
  2. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of pathology in the management of minor injuries.
  3. Critically consider the ethical and legal issues influencing decision-making in the management of minor injuries.
  4. Synthesise and evaluate existing theoretical discourses and practices to develop evidence based protocols.
  5. Critically explore multiprofessional working for effective discharge planning or referral in the context of risk management.


Course length: 6 consecutive teaching days
Literature review/essay to be submitted 4 weeks from the end of the module
Competency Assessment Document (CAD) to be completed with 50 hours in clinical practice. Submission 10 weeks from the end of the module.

Total course length: 16 weeks
Please note that due to the time commitment, this module should not be taken at the same time as HP6030X, HP7003X (Minor Illness).

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Course Leader
Name: SJ Lewis
Tel: 07917086419

Self Funding: £850.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

Mode of Delivery
Online learning, work-based learning and classroom - NOTE: In the autumn term, due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements, face-to-face teaching will be limited to clinically focused modules incorporating practical skills teaching. This will remain the case throughout the 2020/21 academic year, until social distancing requirements can be sufficiently relaxed to allow a greater proportion of on-site teaching. At the time of writing, it is not known when this will be.
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