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Paramedic Medicines in Practice | PS514Y | Level 5 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
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Paramedic Medicines in Practice | PS514Y | Level 5 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
13/04/2021 | Available
13/04/2021 (Online), 20/04/2021 (Online), 27/04/2021 (Online), 04/05/2021 (Online), 11/05/2021 (Online), 18/05/2021 (Online), 25/05/2021 (Online)
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We will continue to offer a full range of modules for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021, however due to Covid-19 social distancing measures on campus attendance will be limited. There is minimal scheduled fact-to-face time and when practical skills teaching is a necessity this will continue with appropriate safety measures in place. The mode of delivery for each module can be viewed by accessing the “attendance dates” for each module. There is a possibility that the government advice on social distancing may change in the future and could restrict access to the campus; plans have been put into place and we expect to be able to continue to deliver all modules of the programme in such an eventuality.


This module is for Paramedics who administer and supply a range of medications to patients in different situations and via different legislative frameworks.

The module has been designed to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the various pharmacological principles as they pertain to patient care.

The module develops the students' fluency and confidence with issues surrounding medicines use.

The module aims to enable students to rationalise and demonstrate evidence-based best practice in administering and supplying medicines when presented with a range of patients to enhance and develop their abilities in clinical practice.


Who is this module for?

Students should be registered Paramedics.


MCQ, case presentation

Learning Outcomes
  1. Outline an appropriate and effective treatment plan based around medicines usage to a series of patient presentations.
  2. Relate key pharmacological principles to a range of patient presentations.
  3. Relate key legal principles to a range of patient presentations.
  4. Explore the pharmacology of medicines in relation to specific patient groups, including the risk-benefit analysis.
  5. Evaluate the evidence base and legalities that relates to key identified drugs used in paramedic practice.
  6. Consider the patient in a holistic manner to provide the most appropriate treatment plan.
  7. Identify issues surrounding medicines usage that could be refined, altered or introduced to improve the safety and effective use of medicines in paramedic practice.


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Course Leader
Name: Samantha Laws

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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