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Healthcare Perspectives in Mass Casualty Management | PS613Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
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Healthcare Perspectives in Mass Casualty Management | PS613Y | Level 6 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
14/04/2021 | Available
14/04/2021 (Online), 21/04/2021 (Online), 28/04/2021 (Online), 05/05/2021 (Online), 12/05/2021 (Online), 19/05/2021 (Online), 26/05/2021 (Online), 02/06/2021 (Online)
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We will continue to offer a full range of modules for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021, however due to Covid-19 social distancing measures on campus attendance will be limited. There is minimal scheduled fact-to-face time and when practical skills teaching is a necessity this will continue with appropriate safety measures in place. The mode of delivery for each module can be viewed by accessing the “attendance dates” for each module. There is a possibility that the government advice on social distancing may change in the future and could restrict access to the campus; plans have been put into place and we expect to be able to continue to deliver all modules of the programme in such an eventuality.


This module is designed to enable operational practitioners to explore a range of topics relating to emergency preparedness, resilience and mass casualty management, encountered in the pre-hospital and secondary care settings.

The module aims to provide the practitioners with a strategic insight and understanding of the underpinning theory, current national legislation and contractual requirements in relation to emergency preparedness and mass casualty management.


Who is this module for?

Students should be registered healthcare practitioners with experience of working in an emergency or acute setting. They should also normally be working in an environment that would be required to respond in the event of a mass casualty incident and are able to gain the skills and competencies required to complete the module.



Mass Casualty Report (2500 words)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Evaluate existing theoretical frameworks, national legislation and contractual arrangements in the context of patient care and staff welfare in mass casualty incidents.
  2. Discuss risk management in mass casualty incidents.
  3. Review the aetiology of a range of major and serious incidents and their associated effects on health and disease.
  4. Evaluate the management and assessment of historical mass casualty incidents.
  5. Propose improvements upon the approach to mass casualty incident managements based upon historical events.
  6. Consider the holistic health and psycho-social related care needs of the community, rescuers and relevant others affected by a mass casualty incident.
  7. Discuss how inter-professional healthcare delivery and practice has developed based on lessons learnt from previous incidents.


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Course Leader
Name: Zoe Hayman

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

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