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Theatre Practice | NUR705 | Level 7 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
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Theatre Practice | NUR705 | Level 7 | Credits 30 | 2020/21
21/01/2021 | Available
21/01/2021, 28/01/2021, 04/02/2021, 11/02/2021, 18/02/2021, 25/02/2021, 04/03/2021, 11/03/2021, 18/03/2021, 25/03/2021
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This module is an option module within the MSc Healthcare Practice programme and may also be taken as a free standing module. The module is aimed at registered healthcare professionals working in the perioperative environment who wish to build on their knowledge and skills in theatre practice. 

This module will allow the practitioner to appraise and evaluate specialist, evidence based knowledge and practice underpinning the issues and complexities of current theatre practice. The practitioner will be encouraged to critically reflect on their role and practice, and they will be able to develop their competencies and capabilities to utilise specialist knowledge and skills in caring for the client undergoing surgery


This module aims to advance the clinical skills and knowledge base needed to be a competent, confident and resilient practitioner in all aspects of perioperative care.



Practitioners undertaking this module must have been working in a suitable perioperative environment for a minimum of six months and should preferably have completed either an internship programme in the perioperative environment.  Practitioners will have knowledge of perioperative practice.



Practitioners should be able to rotate through different surgical specialties within perioperative care and be able to access supervision from an appropriately qualified clinical supervisor/ practice assessor.



The assessment for the module consists of a snapshot assessment document and a written assignment.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Reflect critically on the holistic care provided to perioperative patients undergoing surgery.
  2. Appraise critically the ethical, legal, and professional considerations governing perioperative practice.
  3. Analyse critically the hazards and risks in perioperative environment and implement effective strategies to minimise the risks.
  4. Apply advanced clinical reasoning and decision-making skills to plan and manage the care of the patient undergoing surgery.
  5. Synthesise and evaluate current theoretical discourses and practices to inform theatre practice and provision of safe care to perioperative patients.
  6. Explore critically the holistic care needs of differing and complex patient groups from a variety of surgical settings.
  7. Examine critically the safe and effective use of appropriate equipment and technology integral to theatre practice, recognising the consequences of improper use.


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Course Leader
Name: Lee Lui

Self Funding: £1690.00

*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

Mode of Delivery
Online learning & classroom - NOTE: In the autumn term, due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements, face-to-face teaching will be limited to clinically focused modules incorporating practical skills teaching. This will remain the case throughout the 2020/21 academic year, until social distancing requirements can be sufficiently relaxed to allow a greater proportion of on-site teaching. At the time of writing, it is not known when this will be.
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