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Psychology for Behaviour Change | PPN701 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2021/22
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
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Psychology for Behaviour Change | PPN701 | Level 7 | Credits 15 | 2021/22
25/01/2022 | This course will not be running in 2022. | Intake Closed
25/01/2022 (Online), 01/02/2022 (Online), 15/02/2022 (On Campus), 23/02/2022 (On Campus), 09/03/2022 (Online)


For more information regarding the Covid pandemic and how it might affect you please visit this page - https://www.healthcare.ac.uk/courses/covid-update/


This module is an option module within the MSc Healthcare Practice programme and MSc ACP Pathway.  It may also be taken as a free standing module.

This module will examine the psychology of behaviour and will develop an in-depth understanding of psychological correlates, psychological well-being and psychological interventions pertaining to healthcare. It will critically develop an advanced knowledge of the sociological and psychological concepts that inform human behaviour in a healthcare context. It will also foster a knowledge and critique of the implementation of advanced communication skills within a therapeutic relationship and will allow participants to draw on their own practice as a focus.

This module will enable learners to explore the practice and application of psychological concepts to behaviour change, applying advanced communication skills such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling skills and applied psychological interventions in healthcare.


Programme entry requirements


This will be one assessment in two separate parts; Simulated practical exam (20 minutes) and Viva (15 minutes)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Evaluate in depth the theoretical knowledge that underpins the implementation of psychological concepts in promoting behaviour change
  2. Select and apply advanced communication skills in a healthcare context
  3. Critically debate the benefits and barriers of using different psychological applied approaches to enhance behaviour change.
  4. Critically evaluate psychological approaches for behaviour change in various populations through critical reading and writing.
  5. Engage in critical debate demonstrating an awareness of argument formulation, bias and fallacies in behaviour change.



Course Notes

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, your course may now have to be initially delivered partly online. Please use this link to see what the technology requirements are.




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Mode of Delivery
Blended Learning. On-Campus sessions subject to change. If government advice changes, we may need to update our plans. If we do so, we will update this information, and will keep current students and offer holders informed by email.
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