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Evidence-based Quality Improvement in Advanced Practice (project) | RES701 | Level 7 | Credits 30 | 2021/22
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
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Evidence-based Quality Improvement in Advanced Practice (project) | RES701 | Level 7 | Credits 30 | 2021/22
12/10/2021 | Intake Closed
12/10/2021 (Online - Tutorials individually planned), 26/10/2021 (Online), 07/03/2022 (Online - Tutorials individually planned)


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This module is a compulsory core module for the completion of a full MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice.  The learner leads, designs and delivers a small-scale, practice-based quality improvement project in the practice field in which the learner is developing as an advanced clinical practitioner.  

The module supports learners to prepare and plan to deliver a quality improvement project using the quality improvement project proposal which is the major part of assessment in the Leadership in Advanced Clinical Practice module.  Learners are supported to consider establishing baseline measures, selecting relevant quality improvement methodologies and evaluation.  Learners are required to produce a written project report in which includes the rationale for the quality improvement initiative, the methods and evaluation adopted, analysis and discussion of the outcomes achieved and a reflection of the learning associated with the planning, delivery and outcomes of the project.

This module will enable learners to extend capacity to combine effective synthesis and critique of available evidence with relevant quality improvement methodologies and leadership principles, theories and frameworks. This module will also prepare learners to implement a small scale quality improvement project in a setting relevant to their field of practice.


Programme entry requirements


This module will be assessed through a single project report (4500 words) with two sections: Project Report (3500 words) and leadership learning critical reflection (1000 words)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Critically appraise the appropriate research and policy literature to support the quality improvement proposal.
  2. Evaluate critically relevant methodologies and select data collection and analysis appropriate for the design and evaluation of the specific quality improvement initiative.
  3. Systematically implement a cycle of quality improvement consistent with the project protocol, with attention to governance and ethical considerations in practice and the engagement of relevant stakeholders.
  4. Scrutinise and critically analyse data with insight, understanding and specificity to the quality improvement objectives.
  5. Critically evaluate the relevance of the improvement initiative to policy and practice in the learner’s field of practice.
  6. Demonstrate a critical awareness of continuous improvement indicating how each stage of quality improvement informs subsequent initiative.
  7. Critically reflect on own project leadership and propose / apply alternative solutions to complex situations.


Course Notes

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, your course may now have to be initially delivered partly online. Please use this link to see what the technology requirements are.




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Course Leader
Name: Jackie McRae


*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

Mode of Delivery
Blended Learning. On-Campus sessions subject to change. If government advice changes, we may need to update our plans. If we do so, we will update this information, and will keep current students and offer holders informed by email.
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