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Intensive care patient management | HP7016Y | Level 7 (Postgraduate) | Credits 30 | 2021/22
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
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Intensive care patient management | HP7016Y | Level 7 (Postgraduate) | Credits 30 | 2021/22
22/09/2021 | Intake Closed
22/09/2021 (Online), 06/10/2021 (On Campus), 20/10/2021 (On Campus), 03/11/2021 (Online), 17/11/2021 (On Campus), 01/12/2021 (Online), 15/12/2021 (On Campus), 12/01/2022 (Online), 26/01/2022 (Online), 09/02/2022 (On Campus)
30/03/2022 | Available
30/03/2022 (Online), 13/04/2022 (On Campus), 27/04/2022 (On Campus), 11/05/2022 (Online), 25/05/2022 (On Campus), 08/06/2022 (Online), 22/06/2022 (On Campus), 06/07/2022 (Online), 20/07/2022 (Online), 03/08/2022 (On Campus)


For more information regarding the Covid pandemic and how it might affect you please visit this page - https://www.healthcare.ac.uk/courses/covid-update/


This module is a core compulsory module for the Intensive Care pathway. It is also an option module within the MSc Healthcare Practice programme and may be taken as a free-standing module. This module is for practitioners working within adult intensive care areas. It will enable the student to manage complex patients conditions appropriately.

When taken in conjunction with the Intensive Care Patient Assessment module, this module meets the requirements for the Step two and Step three competencies which are incorporated in the National Standards for Adult Critical Care Nurse Education (2016). 


Who is this module for?

Registered healthcare practitioners normally with one year's post-qualifying practice experience. Practitioners should be working within an intensive care unit, able to participate in the planning and delivery of care to complex intensive care patients in clinical practice and be able to complete all practice competencies within their own clinical areas.



Programme entry requirements


Essay and practice competencies

Learning Outcomes
  1. Critically appraise ethical issues involved in the care of intensive care patients.
  2. Scrutinise and critique the current research and evidence base used in managing the intensive care patient.
  3. Propose and select the range of services needed to further develop effective, integrated and high quality care for intensive care patients.
  4. Evaluate communication and contextualise the relationship between patients/ relatives/ visitors in order to promote participation in decision-making and care planning for intensive care patients.
  5. Interact effectively with the interdisciplinary team to provide collaborative care to intensive care patients across tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare settings.
  6. Critically examine the professional role, attitudes, values, beliefs and ethical issues when caring for intensive care patients and their families.
  7. Justify the technological complexity and diversity of information inherent to the management of the intensive care patient.


Course length: 10 Teaching Days



Course Notes

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, your course may now have to be initially delivered partly online. Please use this link to see what the technology requirements are.




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Course Leader
Name: Siby Sikhamoni


*Trust Commissioning and Trust Non-contract funding same price as above

Mode of Delivery
Blended Learning. On-Campus sessions subject to change. If government advice changes, we may need to update our plans. If we do so, we will update this information, and will keep current students and offer holders informed by email.
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