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Principles of Anaesthetic Care | HAN_6_006 | Level 6 | Credits 20 | 2020/21
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Principles of Anaesthetic Care | HAN_6_006 | Level 6 | Credits 20 | 2020/21
25/09/2020 | Intake Closed
25/09/2020, 09/10/2020, 23/10/2020, 06/11/2020, 20/11/2020, 04/12/2020


The module incorporates the fundamentals of anaesthesia and includes preparation of environment, equipment, personnel and patient assessment to facilitate safe administration of anaesthesia. Current techniques of general and local anaesthesia are considered in selecting appropriate patient care. The individual needs of patients are given priority throughout all stages of anaesthesia.

Available as a standalone module: Yes


Attendance (Please note, this is subject to change for future intakes)

Dates: For attendance information, please see the top of this page and click on ‘attendance dates’. Please note, if the module is full or closed for the intake(s) this academic year, dates may not appear. 

Venue: LSBU Havering Campus

Typical intake(s): Semester 1


Entry requirements

  • 120 credits at level 5 or equivalent.

  • Registration on a professional register as appropriate.

  • A minimum of 6 months experience in a related area of practice. 


Career benefits

This module seeks to provide focus and direction for practitioners who wish to develop their skills and expertise in relation to anaesthetic nursing across the age spectrum. The module aims to enable an individual practitioner to have broader competence skills to progress in a direction that meets workforce, meeting the needs of the future NHS as outlines in the Five Year Forward View in 2014 by the Department of Health (DH, 2014) and the HEE agenda for Clinical  Academic Careers Framework (HEE 2015).

Encompasses multi-professional working and a sharing of expertise and skills across traditional professional boundaries and fields as new services and roles are being developed to meet current and future challenges for perioperative service delivery. Completion of this Module should help the practitioner to be in a better position to progress in their career and to work as an anaesthetic practitioner.



  • Element 1 - Competence Document
  • Element 2 - Presentation

Both elements of assessment must be passed to pass this module 

Assessment/submission date: TBC


Learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:    

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the perioperative nurse in the delivery of care
  • Increase knowledge and understanding National and local health care policies and initiatives  aimed at improving patient care and  safety
  • Promote quality care by utilising and evaluating available evidence. 

Intellectual skills:

  • Become an autonomous and accountable decision maker
  • Synthesise information from a number of sources in order to provide high quality care

Practical Skills:

  • Demonstrate clinical competence in the field of anaesthetic assessment, patient monitoring, medication, and the promotion of patient safety.
  • Demonstrate effective essential clinical skills pertinent to anaesthetic care
  • Problem solve in changing and challenging health care situation 

Transferable skills:

  • Demonstrate ability to think logically and systematically in the provision of care 
  • Develop a reflective approach to work and academic study
  • Effectively communicate ideas and convincingly both orally and in writing
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Course Leader
Name: Marie Culloty
Tel: 0207 815 5925
Name: Pauline Blakemore
Tel: 0207 815 4789
Face to Face Teaching
30 hours
Learner Hours
20 hours (Blended learning), 150 hours (Student managed learning)
Mode of Delivery
Onsite and online
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