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CPPD For Academic Development | WBL_7_003 | Level 7 | Credits 20 | 2021/22
Health & Social Care
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CPPD For Academic Development | WBL_7_003 | Level 7 | Credits 20 | 2021/22
30/09/2021 | Intake Closed
30/09/2021, 21/10/2021, 18/11/2021
05/10/2021 | Intake Closed
05/10/2021, 26/10/2021, 23/11/2021
03/01/2022 | Leading Primary Care - LSBU, Modality and RCGP | Available
09/05/2022 (Summative Assessment)
05/01/2022 | Programme for Integrated Child Health | Available
05/01/2022, 17/01/2022 (Formative Assessment ), 02/02/2022, 02/03/2022, 06/04/2022, 04/05/2022, 08/06/2022, 20/06/2022 (Summative Assessment), 06/07/2022
26/01/2022 | Available
26/01/2022, 23/02/2022, 23/03/2022
27/01/2022 | Available
27/01/2022, 17/02/2022, 17/03/2022
** Applications will ordinarily close 28 days before start date of a course.


This work-based learning module enables students to gain academic credits for CPPD undertaken.

The module aims to support the development of higher level academic skills, in particular critical reflection and the ability to appraise the evidence and apply it to the student’s area of practice.

Students are expected to develop a portfolio of evidence to support this. Aims are: 

  • To allow students to develop knowledge in their area of choice.
  • To enable students to link theory to practice.
  • To introduce reflection as a tool to develop their skills and understand their own learning needs

Available as a standalone module: Yes

Students taking thLeading Primary Care - LSBU, Modality and RCGP please visit https://www.lsbu.ac.uk/business/research-enterprise-and-innovation/health-systems-innovation-lab/what-we-do/leading-primary-care-programme for further instructions on applying.

Attendance (Please note, this is subject to change for future intakes)

Dates: For attendance information, please see the top of this page and click on ‘attendance dates’. Please note, if the module is full or closed for the intake(s) this academic year, dates may not appear. 

Venue: LSBU Southwark Campus (first session only)

Typical intake(s): Semester 1 and other intakes by specific arrangement


Entry requirements

  • Employment within the field of health and social care
  • Previously undertaken study at the previous academic level. 


Career benefits

This module is suitable for those who are currently working within a health and social care setting and wish to gain academic credit for CPD activities undertaken within the workplace. The level 7 module encourages increased confidence in the ability to study at a higher level and enables participants to undertake a structured piece of work-based learning that will enhance the ability to maximise learning from a work experience. It will also develop skills of personal development planning and reflection on learning experiences.



Formative assessment:

To develop and submit a portfolio plan detailing how the student will be able to meet the required hours of learning for the module.

Summative assessment:

CW1: A portfolio evidencing the 150 hours of self-directed study in the chosen area relevant to the student’s place of work.  50% Weighting 50% pass mark at L7.

CW2: A 2500-word critical reflection which evidences the student’s ability to learn and apply the chosen area of learning to the environment in which they are employed. 50% Weighting 50% pass mark at L7.

Both elements are required for successful completion of the module 


Learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:  

  • Demonstrate systematic knowledge of the evidence base pertaining to an area of study relevant to their workplace 

Intellectual skills:

  • Critically appraise and synthesise the evidence base in the chosen area of study and apply this to practice
  • Critically reflect upon the learning undertaken and the impact of this on their personal and professional development 

Practical Skills:

  • Demonstrate verbal communication skills in discussing evidence and defending professional decisions/understanding in their chosen area

Transferable skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify learning needs and take action to address these
  • Demonstrate skills in self-management and continuing personal and professional development
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Course Leader
Name: Rachel Allen-Ashcroft
Tel: +44 (0)20 7815 6752
Name: Pat Ambersley
Tel: 02078158440
Learner Hours
4 hours(Contact hours), 46 hours (Blended learning), 150 hours (Student managed)
Mode of Delivery
Online (predominantly work based)
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