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Assessment and Decision Making Skills for Advanced Clinical Practice | OMED-1382 | Level 7 | Credits 20 | 2024/25
Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences
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Assessment and Decision Making Skills for Advanced Clinical Practice | OMED-1382 | Level 7 | Credits 20 | 2024/25
September 2024 (provisional) | **Applications received within 28 days of a module commencing may result in delays in registration and access to module resources – early application is therefore recommended | Available

This course can only be taken as part of a programme


This module is aims to facilitate the student in developing advanced practice capabilities specifically in relation to the clinical practice pillar from the multi-professional framework for advanced practice. It intends that the student develop skills for data gathering, effective history taking, and for synthesis of this data to inform decisions made to determine possible differential outcomes and to implement best practice safely. The module aims to provide opportunity for the student to develop the relevant capabilities and skills as applicable to their scope and context of their practice, role and profession. There will be generic and discipline specific sessions. 



i) A first degree; normally 2:2 or above; or equivalent study;


ii) Current registration with the NMC or HCPC or other relevant PSRB;


iii) Relevant post-qualifying experience or equivalent, with evidence of study post-qualifying /initial registration, this study providing the underpinning knowledge and skills required for the development of a specialist role/practice


iv) Currently working no less than 20 hours per week within an appropriate role with relevant experience;


v) Agreement from their manager that they are in a role that facilitates any required assessment of clinical practice;


vi) Applicants who do not have English as their first language must demonstrate an IELTS score of at least 7 (University requirement for non-EU students only). 



Case Analysis - 100% LO - 1-6 Pass mark - 50% 4,000 words. 

Option One: Students will digitally record a consultation a patient/client/ service user/ parent/family or carer. They will undertake a written critical analysis of the interaction which demonstrates critical insights into their own assessment and decision-making skills and critical reflection on how they will develop their future practice. 

Practice Assessment - Pass/Fail LO - 1-6. Assessment of Advanced Clinical Practice Capabilities. All elements of summative assessment must be passed to pass the module. Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Observed consultation by practice assessor in the practice area on which they will receive feedback. Formative assessments will also be completed in the classroom through group work and feedback. Individual tutorials with academic assessor. 

Avery Hill Campus
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:


1. Use existing knowledge to inform and critically appraise clinical reasoning approaches when dealing with differentiated and undifferentiated individual presentations and complex situations;


2. Pro-actively initiate consultations, critically evaluating the efficacy of the approach used in order to facilitate positive outcomes for the individual, their family / carers;


3. Critically analyse and use a range of assessment methods to gather both subjective and objective data (e.g. of history-taking; holistic assessment; identifying vulnerabilities and risk factors; mental health assessments; requesting, undertaking and/or interpreting diagnostic tests; and conducting health needs assessments);


4. Exercise critical judgement to draw evidence-based conclusions informed by a systematic approach to the synthesis of data and disseminate these findings to colleagues, individuals, families and carers to ensure safe outcomes and minimise risk. 


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Name: Mr Shaun Heath
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