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Welcome to the School of Health and School of Human Sciences at the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is home to a thriving community of nearly 39,000 students of all ages. Awarded Silver in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework, the university has a growing reputation for teaching and learning. Students from over 140 countries choose to study at Greenwich, which is also a popular option for people from our local communities in South-East London and Kent. The university has three campuses:

  • Greenwich, in the Royal Borough, London
  • Avery Hill, in Eltham, South-East London
  • Medway, in Chatham Maritime, Kent

For further information, please visit www.greenwich.ac.uk.

The Faculty of Education & Health provides education for 1,000 pre-registration nursing and midwifery students, paramedics and speech and language therapy students and offers many opportunities for you to study once you are a registered healthcare professional.

We run courses in health, public health, social work, and psychology and counselling. These are offered across a wide range of levels, from foundation degree to MPhil/PhD.

We have four main areas of work:

  • Pre-registration midwifery, nursing, paramedic science, social work and speech and language therapy
  • Undergraduate continuing professional development for registered healthcare professionals, public health and psychology
  • Continuing professional development activities
  • Research and development

The Faculty’s Centre for Research and Development offers a multidisciplinary approach to academic and applied research. Much of its work is for health and social services at both national and local levels. Members of the centre have gained a considerable reputation for high-quality work in the fields of primary care, public health, health promotion and clinical effectiveness. Also, of importance is the work done in developing and supporting the educational needs of health and social services professionals in the current climate of change. Specific research centres and special interest groups are:

  • The Centre for Applied Health Research
  • The Centre for Applied Social Research
  • The Research Centre for Children, Schools and Families
  • The Safeguarding Hub
  • The Sexual Health Research and Practice Group
  • The Social Enterprise, Social Work and Health Development Group

For further information on the Faculty of Education and Health, visit www.gre.ac.uk/health.

Cutting-edge content

We ensure that what you study is up-to-date and relevant to the workplace. This year we are launching several new modules and many of our other modules and courses have been reviewed and revised.

A flexible approach

Our students are busy professionals who are often juggling the commitments of work and home. To help them get the most out of their studies, we offer part-time options where possible and try to schedule our modules sympathetically.


We have 25 years’ experience as a trusted provider of health and social care education and training in the south-east of England and our academic staff have both practical expertise and academic skills to develop and support professional learning.


The University of Greenwich is at the forefront of research and innovation in the field of health and social care with many published authors on our staff disseminating their expertise to enrich the student experience. For instance, social workers and trainees can enter a virtual environment in Second Life. By deploying an avatar, a virtual being, in practice exercises they are able to develop their skills to carry out home visits. We also offer clinical skills laboratories which replicate NHS wards, allowing trainee health professionals to get real hands-on experience.

If you are having problems applying please check that your browser is up to date, change browsers or feel free to contact us. Email address: healthassociates@gre.ac.uk.

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