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CPPD Health Online Prospectus and Application Portal
CPPD Health Online Prospectus and Application Portal
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Welcome to the School of Health and Social Care
The School of Health and Social Care at London South Bank University has a long standing and well-deserved reputation for providing high quality education, training and research that makes a difference.

The school is the largest provider of CPPD in the South East and consistently achieves the highest ranking from Health Education England for its workforce development portfolio. We deliver flexible and contemporary education and training for all healthcare staff, throughout the academic levels. Please search our online prospectus and see all of the workshops, modules and courses that we have to offer.

If you are having problems applying please check that your browser is up to date, change browsers or feel free to contact us. Email address: hsc-cppd@lsbu.ac.uk.

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LSBU Apprenticeships Application Portal
LSBU Apprenticeships Application Portal
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LSBU Apprenticeships: The perfect combination of work and education
An apprenticeship is type of training linked to a profession or trade with on-the-job training and a programme of study. Apprenticeships are designed by employers to meet skills gaps, and are a great way to gain real-life experience whilst training and earning a wage.

Earn while you learn

Throughout your apprenticeship you will be employed in a full-time job and will have a contract of employment for the duration of your apprenticeship. You will typically attend formal training (at university) one day per week and work (at the employer) four days per week. The company you’re working for will be required to agree that you spend 20% of the time completing off-the-job learning – typically, this will be your one day per week with us, your training provider.

Once you have completed the programme, you will complete an End Point Assessment (EPA). This is a required part of all apprenticeship standards. Some EPAs will include a professional accreditation, which employers can require for some roles.

Paid for by your employer

As an apprentice, you do not pay for the cost of your programme – this is covered by the Government, and, in some cases, your employer makes a contribution too. Information about funding and finance can be found on each apprenticeship standard.

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